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We really cannot thank you enough. We are so so glad we went with you to do our videography, so very talented and we just love our video I think I've watched it everyday since you sent through the first one
We hardly noticed you guys around on the day/night yet you seemed to get so many special moments we would have missed without you. So thank you thank you thank you! We will 100% recommend you to anyone and everyone we know getting married.

Brie & Shane

Hey guys, Jason and I are so glad we hired you for our wedding! The whole team was an absolute pleasure to work with! You were all extremely professional and friendly, which made us feel so relaxed in front of the camera (which we thought would be impossible!). You were all really helpful and no task or request was too hard! We received feedback from several guests saying how easy going you all were, and not only did you seem to be capturing everyone enjoying themselves, but that you all looked like you were having great fun too! Blake - we wanted to say a special thanks to you! You were so professional in the lead up to our wedding, always responding to emails quickly and answering questions! This made the entire process run smoothly and gave me 100% confidence in you and your team, and you definitely did not disappoint! We can't wait to see our videos! :)

Laura & Jason

Originally, a videographer was not in my budget, but I am so glad that we decided to bite the bullet and book with Airlock Productions!!! Their packages were affordable and the quality and standard of the videos we got are amazing! They captured our day so perfectly, and now I can re live the most amazing day of my life over and over. They worked so well with our photographer (who was from another company), and as a result our videos of our wedding are fantastic. I tear up every time I watch them! Thank you guys, we are forever grateful.

Tegan & Garrett

Airlock brought an entire team of videographers to our house, and continued to document our incredible day from start to finish. We have seen examples of their incredible work online and can’t wait to see the finished product. Thank you so much!

Alex & Gen



Should I have a Videographer at my wedding?

Obviously it's biased coming from us, however, here are some brief reasons we believe it's worth having a videographer - even if it's not us.
Given that no videographer means that your photographer is going to be providing you with most of the keepsakes, here is also some things photography cannot provide...

1. Audio - music in your videos adds emotion, you can relive your vows, speeches, laughter, crying, every moment someone says something planned, or that you just didn't see coming, can oftentimes make great memories.

2. Movement - movement in shots (we believe) adds much more feeling to every element of the day. The preparation, kiss, dancing, changes in lighting, and so on.

3. The very rare occasion that one of the photographer's CF/SD cards becomes corrupted and a part of the day is lost entirely, 1080P and 4K video is at the point where you can have an actual photo sized print made from a still frame.

4.  Storytelling - the combination of music, audio recording, and video, makes storytelling more in depth, emotional, and engaging. You can be greatly immersed in a moment over and over for years to come.

Hear what others say:

Do I need one videographer or two?

This typically depends on which videos you would like to get, and how much you can afford to spend on videography.

We think it's worth having two, it means one of us can be off on the photoshoot, while the other is filming the reception venue before all your guests enter.

One of us can be at the groom prep, while one is at the bride prep. One can film the speaker, while one can film a reaction from who they're talking about.

Two videographers improves the storytelling with multi-camera shots.

One videographer needs to allow time for packing and moving equipment between locations, which means some events may be missed, and running multicamera setups are not extended the same creative freedoms as one videographer can operate one camera or walk between 2-3 static cameras at the same time.

Should we have an "unplugged" wedding?

Something you'll often discuss with your photographer, however here's our view too...
Guests often walk in front of photographers and videographers, and from our perspective there's nothing worse than getting positioned ready for the first kiss, only to have Aunty ex-ninja pop out into the middle with her iPad to take the photo that could have (and should have) been captured by the professionals.

For some horror photos (and a peek into our nightmares), check out: