Airlock Productions Perth Wedding Videography

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Welcome to our site!
We're Airlock Productions, two filmmakers who take great pride in producing intimate, creative, and unique wedding films here in Perth and abroad.

We aim to create natural looking wedding films by mostly shooting candidly, allowing you to relax and take it all in. Our variety of packages suit various budgets and end product options, or if not, we're happy to work with you in creating one that works for you.

Filming weddings has been a passion of ours for several years, yet week-to-week we actually work as a teacher and a corporate media content producer. We produce wedding videos not because we have to, but because we want to, we love storytelling, creating memories in artful ways, the excitement and emotion we capture on the day. We are in this because we enjoy it, and we hope that we can enjoy your day with you.
Blake & Brendan.
Packages with two videographers
Packages with one videographer
High quality coverage, multiple locations to ensure
nothing is missed. (A.K.A. "The Blake & Brendan Bundle")
Essential coverage on a smaller budget.
(Just one of us...)
Types of Wedding Films we produce
A short ~1 minute teaser trailer, created a week after your wedding day. We use some of the most stand-out shots that we recall from the day, and save the rest for the other films. It's shareable with friends and family, and might be all you need to tie you over until the other films' completion.

A 4-5 minute personalised, artistic, and intimate film with original score, capturing the precious moments of the day.
The Highlight Reel is perfect to share with your friends and family, and relive the day's best moments in a happy, heart-felt, and energetic celebration of your day.

This includes a mix of highlight style editing, as well as multi-camera coverage of the day's structured events (ceremony, speeches, dance etc.) all pieced together into a feature length film.
Around 1-2 hours length depending on your events.

A creative and carefully crafted 10-15 min combination of the best parts of the day in full length, interwoven with highlight style editing. Ideal for guests unable to attend your big day as it's more in depth than the highlights, but not as long and enduring as the feature.